MadPower Yoga



Welcome to the world of Flow!  

In yoga, "Flow" refers to aligning your breath with sequenced movements and poses.  There are basic sequences, called Sun Salutes, used to warm the body and act as a foundation for the variety of other things we can do in a yoga practice.  Poses and things to try are added to the Sun Salutes as we go!  This means that Vinyasa Flow, Core Flow, and Power Flow will all have some aspect of moving with your breath, but each class will have its own focus:

VINYASA FLOW will be led at a moderate pace - fast enough to have you working hard, but with pauses dropped in so you can work your form and experience new concepts as you go. We'll teach basics if you're new and offer advanced variations if there are regular practitioners in the room.

CORE FLOW will be led at a moderate to fast pace - we want to be sure you're challenged!  In addition to the Sun Salutes and Sun Salute variations, we'll drop into focused core work throughout the class.

POWER FLOW will be led at a fast, challenging pace - knowing a little bit about yoga will make this much more easy, but not required!  If you've taken Foundations, Vinyasa, or Core Flow, you'll experience a high-intensity version of the same work.  If you're newer, feel free to come and modify as you go to see what Power Flow is all about.  We'll take moderate to advanced variations of poses and you're welcome to pass on what doesn't work for you!

AROMA YIN yoga is a restorative yoga class where poses are held for several minutes so you can relax, unwind and release tight connective tissues and muscles. Yin relaxes the mind and the body and leaves you happy with your mellow on. This class is a perfect compliment to our other classes and is wonderful for tight runners, triathletes and anyone that can use a good stretch and some much needed recovery time.  The aromas, music and soft lighting take you to a place that is even better than a nap.  In many of the classes we serve mimosas and you’ll receive cool lavender scented towels at the end of your practice.

HATHA YOGA is our non flow-based yoga class. This class is designed as a recurring set sequence so you can see your progress week to week. In this Hatha Yoga class you will begin with familiar sun salutes, then move into a series of poses held statically for a predetermined length of time so you have the opportunity to experience and develop your work. This class will test your focus, grow your flexibility, and balance your strength. Appropriate for all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced options will always be given.