MadPower for me has been a life saver. I mean it!  I just answered an assessment that said I am a Femme Fatal.  So the way I look is very important to me. I think you all knew that.  My need to look good is more than skin deep. It is the whole person - emotionally,  and physically. At MadPower they get to know you physically and mentally. I never thought I would do a half marathon but I joined a MadPower training group, received encouragement and the the coaching that helped me develop the confidence and I got it done! I never thought Iā€™d have defined arms and abs but I do thanks to the classes at MadPower especially  Armed & Dangerous with some personal training thrown in for a little extra boost. The instructors really care and they make classes fun! I take all of the classes MadPower has to offer and love that they keep me happy and healthy from the inside out. Oh, and they make a delicious low calorie Moscow Mule!