I grew up in Madison and my life revolved around playing competitive softball. Unfortunately I faced several injuries, but it’s what lead me down the path tobecome an Athletic Trainer (ATs are health care professionals who collaborate withphysicians. The services provided by ATs comprise prevention, emergency care,clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions).

I attended Winona State University to earn my bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training. After graduation, I interned at University of New Hampshire for one year before I attended Ohio University to achieve my Master’s Degree in Athletic Training.

When I moved back to Madison after graduate school, I had to find a new fitness venue. My first stop was to a Madpower class lead by Amy. Needless to say, my gym
shopping stopped that day. Here I am, several years later and I continue to find all of the classes offered at Madpower to be as fun and challenging as ever!

I have recently transitioned into the role of an Armed & Dangerous instructor and couldn’t be more excited! I may be new to instructing classes at Madpower, but I’m not entirely new to the group fitness scene. I currently work at a rural hospital, where part of my responsibilities are to lead a Sports Performance Clinic for high school and middle
school athletes and I lead an instructional weight lifting class for women.

My advanced knowledge of kinesiology and the musculoskeletal system is a staple piece in providing guidance through A&D classes. I understand that every individual‘s anatomy is unique and my goal is to help you discover the movements that work best for YOU.