My motto: “Train insane or remain the same!”

I joined the MadPower Tribe first as a member in Jan. 2014 and then stepped into the role of instructor in Oct. 2014. I cultivate a team mindset in my classes that pushes people toward  their personal goals supported by the accountability and motivation from those in the tribe.

My first visit to the Jungle was in search of a workout comparable to what I had on the football field where I  was captain of the 5-time league champions – the Madison Mustangs semi-professional football team.  After becoming addicted to the energy, sweat and passion of my fellow trainers Amy and Jessi, I began training to be an instructor and brought with me workouts that feature plyometric and functional exercises. I  have competed in a number of physical competitions from half marathons to the GoRuck Special Forces event, and the Ragnar Relay. I also dedicate time as a coach with the Special Olympics of Wisconsin.