HEAT LEVEL: 95 - 98 degrees/102 - 105 Degrees

MadPower and Inferno are our signature classes.

They are hot high intensity interval classes which mix strength work with cardio exercise. They are results driven, results proven fitness experiences. We give you the tools to maximize your fitness potential and challenge anyone anywhere to give you a higher calorie burn in :45 minutes.

As demanding as these classes are both physically and mentally both MadPower and  Inferno are classes people of all fitness levels are welcome to attend. Our instructors show modifications to every exercise.  

One caveat: we do not recommend Inferno for your first class at our studio.

Benefits of the heat in a HIT class:

  • Work up to 90% of your maximum heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness

  • Lower your blood pressure, increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind!), decrease total cholesterol, and improve your overall aerobic capacity

  • Prepare for outdoor sports and races through exceptional heat acclimation training

  • Experience what it feels like to complete an extreme sport