Ever dreamed of doing a Triathlon? Experienced Triathlete looking for Ironman coaching?
Want to start running or get faster? A 5k? Half Marathon? Marathon? Ultra Run? 
We offer results proven coaching from newbies to the elite!

MadPower Multisport Team is here! See below for details if you are looking to
join a team of fun-loving athletes who know how to work hard and play harder!


Whether you are looking to do your first ever Sprint Triathlon or are looking to take on your 5th Ironman, MadPower's very own Amy Sanborn offers results-proven training programs. Contact us today to learn more about our coaching programs!



Let our experienced Run Coaches help you reach your race goals! Whether you're looking to tackle your first 5k or to kick some asphalt in an upcoming half/Marathon - we've got some of the best trainers to coach you through it all!



Looking to join a Multisport team in Madison? Look no further - everyone and anyone is welcome to join!
Our team includes first-time Triathletes to seasoned Ironmen.

The MadPower Multisport Team is unlike any other:
we race together, we travel to races together, we attend post race get-togethers...
we're a Triathlon team that knows how to party!

We may play harder than we work, but we work hard enough to win!

As much we love being social, we are a team of athletes and the results of our hard work speaks for itself!
We have more than our fair share of age group winners at nearly every race - that is something worth bragging about.

Although we don't have any organized workouts,
team members have access to a closed Facebook Page to keep in touch and schedule works out together.

If you are looking for a coach while being on the team,
Amy offers coaching services to first-ever Triathletes to seasoned Ironman Triathletes.

Interested in joining our Multisport Tribe and/or looking for some coaching?
Shoot Amy a line!