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MadPower - Fit To Fly

Kat Harden and Kristie Esch have been MadPower Tribe Members for several years - and convinced their loving partners (hello, couples memebership!) to join as well.  Not only do these couples kick-ass in our fitness classes, but they also take their MadPower training to the skies. Seriously. Check out Kat's Fit To Fly Story here:

"Kristie and I both started coming to MadPower several years ago and got hooked! The workouts got us there but the tribe vibe kept us coming back. We have both run half marathons (and Kristie a full marathon) using Amy’s (Founder & Owner of MadPower Training Center!) training plan and participated in group runs - each of us achieving PRs. 

A few years ago Sparky and I got back into skydiving after several years off and Kyle and Kristie started jumping with us. Spring of 2016 I did a 60 in 60 challenge with Kristie at MadPower and when the skydiving season started in May, I noticed a real difference in how I felt and performed in my skydiving. Being flexible yet strong is so important for skydiving. A skydiver must learn to control their body while falling at 120 mph. Core and upper body strength are a must! Then under canopy, you need strength and power to fly and land your canopy safely. I really noticed an improvement in my flying in 2016 and it was because of MadPower!

Sometime in 2016 I convinced Sparky to come try a class at MadPower and he has since been attending regularly. Sparky has become a Vinyasa Yoga groupie and has really felt the benefits of yoga in his daily life and skydiving. Kyle joins us for MadPower classes when he’s not lifting heavy things! 

MadPower is such an important part of our lives. It helps our team be 'Fit To Fly!'"

As you can see not even the skies are a limit to your fitness training here at the MadPower MadHouse!