I’m Roxy Velazquez and I teach Yoga, Barre, and MadPower! I’m a born and raised Wisconsin gal and a UW-Madison alum (GO BADGERS!) I started as a fellow tribemate when our first studio opened in Verona in August of 2014. I transitioned into one of our fearless leaders in early 2015 teaching just yoga. I loved being in the studio so much that I began branching out and teaching other classes.

Yoga was my first dabbling with group fitness. After practicing yoga for 8 years, I decided to go to a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training. I completed my yoga certification at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in December of 2014. In my classes, I like to emphasize alignment to keep my students safe and I like to give lots of yoga love (ie: headrubs). My playlists are typically upbeat and I have been dubbed “the Amy Schumer of yoga.” I like to tell cheesy jokes and funny anecdotes. I also ensure everyone leaves with a smile and a good sweat.

When I took my first MadPower class, I was out of my comfort zone after being a yoga only girl for years. I absolutely fell in love with MadPower and knew I was hooked after my first class. I finally felt “at-home” in a workout studio. There is nothing that beats the energy of the room and the endorphin rush after class. You will push yourself in ways you never imagined possible and you will feel stronger with every class.

I was one of the lucky few who chose to go to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on our first MadPower retreat. It was a BLAST and I loved being on vacation without the guilt. I got to teach sunset yoga, barre, and MadPower on the beach. It was an experience I will never forget and encourage you to go as well.

In addition to working out at MadPower, I have ran several half-marathons and have started competing in triathlons as well. I did my first sprint triathlon this year and plan to eventually work up to longer distances with the help of my coach, Amy Sanborn.

Outside of working out, I enjoy being a beer connoisseur (IPAs are my favorite), hanging out with my adorable dog Rylie, traveling to tropical countries that don’t get snow, binge watching Netflix seasons in 1 to 2 days, and going to both men and women’s Badger hockey games.