MadPower for me has been a life saver. I mean it!  I just answered an assessment that said I am a Femme Fatal.  So the way I look is very important to me. I think you all knew that.  My need to look good is more than skin deep. It is the whole person - emotionally,  and physically. At MadPower they get to know you physically and mentally. I never thought I would do a half marathon but I joined a MadPower training group, received encouragement and the the coaching that helped me develop the confidence and I got it done! I never thought I’d have defined arms and abs but I do thanks to the classes at MadPower especially  Armed & Dangerous with some personal training thrown in for a little extra boost. The instructors really care and they make classes fun! I take all of the classes MadPower has to offer and love that they keep me happy and healthy from the inside out. Oh, and they make a delicious low calorie Moscow Mule!



Amy has been my coach since 2015 when I completed my first half marathon.  Today, I have completed three half iron-distance races, and several other triathlons and races.  I have big goals (IMWI 2019) and Amy is always there to offer support, motivation, and guidance along the way.  She really gets to know you and individually tailor your training plan to you. Being an athlete herself, she has a vast knowledge of the sport. Amy has transformed me as an athlete both in my physical ability and mental toughness. In 2018, she has helped me achieve a huge PR in my half-iron distance! Whether you’re looking to finish your first 5k or your first Ironman, Amy can help you achieve your goals and conquer any course!



I would like to highly recommend Amy Sanborn as a personal trainer. I started working with Amy 2 years ago. My goal at the time was to build muscle and agility. Over the course of our training Amy thought we needed a new goal. I said I would like to run a half marathon to celebrate my 60th birthday. Without skipping a beat she said let’s do it. I also had not run in YEARS. I honestly never thought I would be able to run a half marathon, but with Amy’s help I not only ran one half, I ran three! I am now planning a full marathon in the fall.

Amy is a very open and warm person. She celebrates your success and kicks you in the behind when you need it! All with a love of what she does and a killer sense of humor. I would also highly recommend the classes at Madpower. Along with the personal training. It’s a killer combination.

I would be more than happy to talk to anyone with questions about personal training and Madpower.